Buda Castle Funicular

Buda Castle Funicular


The Buda Castle Funicular is a special tram, a vehicle to reach the Buda Castle from the Chainbridge and since 1987 it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage as a particular part of the panorama of the Danube bank at Budapest.

The lower station of the funiculare is at the Széchenyi Chain Bridge next to the Tunnel, the upper station is located between the Sándor Palace and the Royal Palace. The length of the line is 95 metres, the fall is 50 metres.

The Funiculare was inaugurated on 2nd March, 1870, it was the second vehicle of his type in Europe. It was working properly for 75 years showing a beautiful panorama of the Pest side of the city.

It was damaged seriously in the II. World War, the operation was ceased until the complete reconstruction and it was re-opened only on 4th June 1986.

Nowadays the number of passangers on the funiculare is almost 1 million per year